Na farmě

Na farmě

pondělí 21. dubna 2014

Příspěvek téměř velikonoční

Z nedělního pracovního dne:

Dopleteno, nevypráno, nevypnuto, ale musela jsem vyfotit. :DDD

3 komentáře:

  1. Absolutely adorable lambs you have! I'm happy to have found your page as you inspire me with your flock of beautiful sheep...what kind are they? In August, my three wee sheep will be arriving (two aren't even born yet!) and so I will return to learn more. Beautiful photos!
    xo Jules

  2. Hallo Jules, thank you for your comment, I love your blog, it is so much inspiring for me.
    We have Romney Marsh sheeps in the basic herd.
    But these lambs are from breeding herd, and there are Romney Marsh and Bergschaf ewes with Suffolk, Romney Marsh and Zwartbles rams.
    So they are super cute and so much different each other.
    Congratulations to have sheeps, your children will be happy with them, as my children are.

  3. Nadherne fotky! Medu